Take the headache out of match official and competition management.

Member database management

Easy individual signup. Built-in reporting and data exports.

Secure and configurable

Secure and easy to manage role based access to highly configurable features.

Financial system integration

Save time and money with highly customizable match official payment management.

Match official database management

Easy individual signup. Built-in reporting and data management interfaces for all personas. Richly customizable signup form to collect the information required for your competition. Import and Export data for advanced reporting or rollover between competitions.

Role based security

Easily control the access level of each member. Multiple layers of protection across the platform protect your members data and access to platform features. Release information such as match appointments only when you are ready to make them available.

Financial system integration

Save time and money with highly customizable payment rules engine. Integration with most Australian Financial banking system (ABA file exports). Integration with popular accounting packages. Easily keep your members informed of payment processing stages through email based reports and on-demand reporting.

Reporting & insights

Real-time reporting to provide insights and analysis throughout the competitions progress. Persona based reporting allows not only administrators and coordinators, but also participants to track the information that is important to them. Such as individual match officials being able to report on their appointments and match payments throughout the competition.

Advanced AI processing engines

Take the headache out of time consuming trivial tasks with our advanced AI processing engines, allowing you to focus on the important non-trivial tasks and decisions associated with competition and match official management. Whether your competition has 3 time slots and 6 fields, or 16 time slots and 25 fields, allow our Intelligent Appointments system to save you time in identifying and/or appointing match officials, allowing you to focus on the overall balancing of appointments and match official teams. Want to maintain manual control of appointments? No worries, our intelligent appointments is designed to compliment your appointment processes, not replace them.

What people are saying...

QLD Primary All Schools.

"The platform takes all the stress out of the appointments process and reduces errors through real-time member availability. We have had near zero payment errors since implementing this platform."

Redlands Touch Association.

"We have saved up to 2 hours effort each day of competition across our match appointments and payment processing. Being able to provide our match officials with emailed reports of payments has increased the satisfaction of our members."

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